Creating Blockbuster Products Using Patent  (IPAPI-001)


Engineers, researchers and technology managers



Become a champion in your industry

Rather than stuck with conventional products that do not create high value to clients, explore the power of patents to create blockbuster products that can not only solve your clients’ problems, but also provide high value to attract other potential markets.


Our track records show multiple ROI from this workshop. Your team of researchers will have a more focused direction and more importantly, they will be able to choose the correct direction even before starting an R&D project.

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Day 1

  • Background of patent

    • Patentable products

    • Requirements to patent

    • How to file a quality patent application?

    • What are the do’s and don’ts of patent application?

    • Filing patents overseas

    • How to make use of Utility Innovation?

  • Elements of Blockbuster Products

    • Novelty – background patent search, journal search

    • Marketable – problem solving

    • Inventive



Day 2

  • Converting Concept -> Patent

    • Disclosure to patent agent

    • Understanding patent novelty search & company

    • Understanding patent specification and claims

  • Creating blockbuster product workshop

    • Real life projects to be patented

    • Group assignments