Core, Power, Push and Champion (CPPC) Program



Our Franchise / License workshop come in different levels depending on the participants. All of our work-shops will be constructed individually to cater to the needs of different sectors of businesses while taking the position levels of the participants into consideration.


Advanced Workshop

Business owner / existing franchisors / master franchisees


Intermediate II Workshop

General Managers / Operations Manager / District Managers / New Franchisors or Franchisees


Intermediate I Workshop

Franchise Field Consultant / Branch Managers


General Workshop

Business owner / Manager / New franchisor and




We at IPA are committed to ensure that all participants will have better understanding of the holistic franchise / license eco-system. Participants will be provided with stimulating role-plays on ways to tackle issues that are currently present in their business establishment. Our trainer will provide correct and useful information and tips while sharing the actual experiences that will ultimately enhance the participants’ skill and knowledge on all franchise / license – related matters. Our scope of training will not only be on enhancing the business, but we will also look into strategies and analysis that will boost your company; and all these will be carried out during the workshop.

Many attribute it to the products, marketing or branding BUT we recognise it as the Core, Power, Push and Champion (CPPC) Program – which will be elaborated further through our workshop:



The core sets the grounds and the DNA of the company, whereby a franchise / license entrepreneur really needs to be clear and precise on setting the foundation for his business.



Once the core has been instilled in the composition of the company, power is needed to drive the core to the fullest potential internally within the establishment and also externally towards the market.



The push will separate market leaders from the market followers. This is because the push represents the innovative elements that drive the company to push their boundaries and break away from the comfort zone. Many successful companies, especially the leaders have always known the secret to business longevity is to be able to consistently come out with greater business ideas, strategies and executions.



In many occasions, once a company reaches the status of ‘market leader’, it tends to start to forget the Core and the importance of The Power and then not generating The Push that is necessary for the company; which will eventually lead to a disaster. The key to stay as a champion and always stay ahead in the franchise or license industry is on reviewing efforts towards the company periodically.


Day 1

  • Introduction to franchising & licensing

  • The difference between franchising & licensing

  • The benefits of franchising & licensing

  • Understanding the Franchise Act in Malaysia

  • Understanding the challenge and key factors affecting the franchise / license business

  • “The Core – What makes a great DNA?”

  • “The Power – What drives a great BUSINESS?”

  • Group decision & roles play activities on “The Core & The Power”


Day 2

  • Why do franchise / license business fail?

  • The importance of the franchise / license SYSTEM

  • Sharing of case studies of successful franchise / license business

  • Understanding the franchise / license eco-system

  • “The Push – What motivates Great Franchisors?”

  • “The Champion – What determines Staying Power?”

  • Group decision & roles play activities on “The Push & The Champion”


Remarks: Module for Intermediate I, II & Advanced will be available only upon request