Franchise Excellence Program (FEP) (IPAFL-003)


Business owners, potential franchisors, potential licensors, master franchisees, master licensees, franchise business managers, franchise operations manager, conventional business development manager, etc..





  • Ability to create and construct better corporate culture for business expansion 

  • Ability to build a competitive franchise package for sale

  • Improvement on the organization structure and better deployment of human capital 

  • The construction of up-to-date and innovating procedure to operate the franchise system

  • Huge leap of improvement in overall franchise business operation for further expansion 

Our Franchise Excellence Program (FEP), custom made for franchise entrepreneur who about to kick start or has started their preliminary expansion. As time passes by, entrepreneurs face difficulties to expand further or at a deadlock. It could be due to limited time, resources or even difficulties of getting the right talent to move the business forward. Hence franchise entrepreneurs must pause, re-think and re-strategize its expansion. Franchise Excellence Program now offers you the best solution to achieve more with current resources through below formation, framework and alignment:   


  • Corporate Identity Formation

  • Organization Chart Alignment

  • Standard Operating Procedure Framework

  • Operations Efficiency Formation

  • Franchise System Framework


Day 1

  • Importance of Corporate Identity 

  • Company Profile Write Up – “Franchise Edition”

  • Constructing the Franchise Packages 

  • “Organization Chart Alignment – Franchise Department Formation”

  • Group Discussion & Role Play on selling your Franchises to Investors


Day 2

  • The NEW Standard Operating Procedure Framework

  • Corporatization of Franchise Management

  • “The Importance of Flowcharts & Checklists for operation efficiency”

  • Role Play as Franchisor and Franchisee

  • Presentation of Franchise Excellence by individual companies