10 Golden Pillars of Franchise Readiness Training



Business owners, potential franchisors, potential licensors, master franchisees, master licensees, franchise executives, franchise business managers, etc..



  • Learn the essentials of Franchising & Licensing

  • Understand & Applying Franchising & Licensing Business Startup How-To

  • Apply the 10 Golden Pillars to Strengthen Business Infrastructure

  • Understand the Franchise Act 1998 & Franchise (Amendment)Act 2012

FRANCHISING a business is one of the proven course for rapid growth. With the right framework, franchising can be a successful expansion strategy without requiring as much up-front capital. However, becoming a successful new franchisor requires detailed consideration of the laws that heavily regulate the franchise industry. This training provides an introduction to the regulatory regime of the franchise industry in Malaysia.


Day 1

  • Introduction to Franchising & Licensing

  • Difference & Benefits of Franchising & Licensing

  • Franchise Act 1998 & Franchise (Amendment) Act 2012

  • Challenges & Key Factors Affecting the Industry

  • 10 Golden Pillars of Franchising

  • Group Discussion & Role Play on conventional business vs Gap
    towards Franchising & Licensing


Day 2

  • Why Franchise & License Business Fail?

  • Importance of Solid Franchise / License Business Infrastructure

  • Understanding the Franchise/ License Ecosystem

  • Case Study & Sharing of a Franchisor & Licensor

  • Action Plan to be Adopted into Business Towards Franchising & Licensing